In today’s culinary climate where everybody tries to impress with special effects and gimmicks, we have decided to go in the opposite direction by rediscovering the pleasure of simple dishes, our own original recipes and the essence of homemade preparation.

Our aim is to offer a selection of traditional regional dishes which are the backbone of world-renowned Italian cuisine.

We get our supplies from the local markets ‘Billingsgate and New Covent Garden’ — where our chefs get additional inspiration for the menu and daily specials.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

The santabarbara is the arsenal of a ship normally hidden in the most protected area of its bowel.

Just a little spark and the fundamental deposit of ammunition and gun powder will blow up the whole vessel.

It is the area the enemy tries to hit to make irreparable damage.

It is also that particular place where the wounded hero sacrifices himself, perishes and sinks into the depth of the sea rather than fall into hostile hands.

In more recent times and in a figurative way, it is the area where we keep our most prestigious wines.

Boxes of Barolo, Amarone and Sagrantino have replaced barrels of TNT, ammunition and bullets.

The only “explosive” area left is our stock of sparkling wines.

The wounded hero is replaced by our tipsy sommelier. ( on his days off ).


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